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Our Kiwami is unique:

1. Hand-picked

The leaves are gently & delicately picked to help prevent bitterness

2. Stoneground

Slowly grind into micro-fine powder to keep its original aroma, freshness & taste.

3. Finest organic quality Tencha leaves, 

no additives or blending with cheap non-matcha tea leaves.

Only the first spring leaves, which contain the most vitamins and amino acids, hand-picked by skillful experienced workers, will be shaded for 3-4 weeks and matured for about 6 months into Tencha under a canopy made of straw before stone grinding to make the taste deeper and balanced. Shading the leaves from the sun boosts the amount of chlorophyll and results in greener and sweeter tea. Using a straw canopy instead of synthetic nylon can naturally control the amount of humidity without using chemicals to prevent mold. 

4. Very unique taste

Smooth, mellow, soothing and elegant creamy flavor with final noble notes which could only be found in our Kiwami matcha. You could even tell from its fresh elegant aroma and vibrant green color.

5. Certified Organic & Non-GMO


Kiwami Supreme Matcha

SKU: MP09092021KW
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$45.00cada mes hasta que se cancele
  • We accept return in 7 days after buying with original unopened packaging. You will pay for shipping fee for return. 

    The refund will start when we receive our product. The fund will go back to your bank account in 7-10 business days.

    Thank you for your understanding & support.

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